Sunday, October 30, 2011

hope deferred

King Solomon wrote in Proverbs 13:12-

Hope Deferred makes the heart sick

But a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

Hope that is delayed, hope prolonged, hope that is slow in coming to fulfillment...

this could be true in so many things for so many people.

Hope deferred -- is at least still hope.

with out hope, there is only dispair, lack of belief in good things to come.

so today i am grateful for the hope or things to come, the hope of things promised.

i am comforted not only by my own hope, but the hope of so many more for us! it spurs me on to believe that the promise will be fulfilled when i think of how many others in our life are believing, hoping with us and for us. in this i have increased hope even when the hope i have is deferred.

today i give thanks for all of you-
through prayers
through encouraging words
through emails
through comments
through skype conversations
through phone calls
through reading and engaging with us on this journey

have indeed made this journey so much more bearable.
thank you.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The gritty details

If you want to hear it!

So last week we thought we would send in our I600A to USCIS in Johannesburg, South Africa, to be approved, but we found out that along with that we also must get our finger prints taken by the US Embassy in Zambia (Lusaka) and send those in at the same time. BUT
We must also send in Dan and Regina’s finger prints, because they are in our home study. And they are also still in the states…
So we will wait until they come back (Nov. 3) to all go up to Lusaka together to get our finger prints, and also work out (Hopefully) our visa issues.
AND THEN we can send everything in to South Africa for pre approval – basically them saying we will be suitable parents and they approve us to pursue adoption of a child from Zambia.

In the mean time, the home study is more or less complete, so we will go Tuesday (Monday is a holiday here) and give the social workers our home study, in hopes that they will take that as proof enough to place a child with us as soon as a child is discovered, we are praying for an abandoned child (well, no one prays someone else will abandon their child, but we pray that a child who is really in need will be discovered, or abandoned).

This is where we are, I was very discouraged at first, but in the end it wont make much difference, and I have to trust the God who sees the bigger picture, the one who knows the details I do not, or else I would go crazy (I have been on the verge of crazy).

We did buy a crib! So no we can at least tell social welfare we are prepared.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

so close!

We are so close to being able to complete our home study. But we are waiting on our work permit/permanent visa still! They say it is approved but they are waiting for the booklets they give us to come in (from who knows where). But we don’t need the booklets, all we need is our number. We are trying every avenue we can right now, and the soonest we can go up to Lusaka is Tuesday – which might be our only/last option. Which we are avoiding because we will need to go back to pick up the booklets once they come in. so please pray that we are able to get through to someone and that they will give us our numbers! Then we can start the approval from USCIS and give the completed home study to Social Welfare here!
Thank you! We will keep you updated!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I often wonder how becoming parents will change us. Because I know it will change us. As we wade through the waters of life, trying to discover and feel out what makes us happy, really happy. What brings such joy to be doing. I am speaking of everyday things, not the big overall calling we have but how specifically in the little details of life that calling us walked out, talk about muddy murky waters to wade through. Lately instead of clearing up, the waters just seem to get muddier, which of course is disconcerting! HA!
How strange our life is, has been. We always seem to seek out difficult paths. Either we are a bit masocistic or just think we need a challenge. Either way we never seem to do things the easy way.
Which of course brings me back to adoption. I knew the obstacles that would lie in our path, I knew they would be there. And that has of course been true. There are days I walk down the road are numerous mothers with their little babies (all African of course) and I think "that will never be me" it all feels so far away but so close.
Back to my original question - sorry for the rabbit trail,
How will becoming parents change us?
I pray it fulfills some of those questions we have been asking ourselves in the recent months and years. The questions about daily what we are doing. Wanting our day to day life to have more meaning, more than just the work we do, although it can be fulfilling at times it still feels like something or someone is missing.
I have always felt I would be a mom who will need to be doing something out side our home as well. Counsellung women, or working in social work field, mentoring etc. And I still think this will be true.
I am longing for a season of focusing on my childen getting to know them, their personalities, likes dislikes, expressions and routine. Just for a season.
As a family. not just for me as a mom but for us as a family. The anticipation and longing only grows daily which makes focusing on other things very hard.
But how can i nest? sometimes life here makes it very difficult. Again I feel the weight of the life we have chosen. But I feel like I can persevere because when those kids are in our arms all the obstacles will be in the past.. and the new challenges that will be in front of us will be of course difficult but but the effort will be in pouring into their little lives, something so lasting.