Tuesday, March 13, 2012

last hour

it is a battle that we have been fighting for a life that would other wise have no options. For a little girl who has had everything taken from her by this man her father. He once again has the power to decide her fate. next week he will say yes or no, will he let his daughter be adopted... So we are praying for him. Praying that the enemy’s hold over him and subsequently his daughter will be removed. That he would simply agree to let her go. We asked the orphanage mama what happens if he says no, and she said there is nothing we can do.
So this is the last hour.
There are so many times along the way when we could have heard no. So many crucial points in all of this, and all those times, the answer has been to keep moving forward. So now we keep pushing through.
We don’t understand it, the suffering of so many all around us, the pain that it so real in the lives of people close to us. Suffering will be part of our lives, when we choose to have friends, when we choose to love, when we choose to live in the world - we can not escape it.
Here there is death all around us. 2 weeks ago we held a baby in our arms that looked like a skeleton, we fed and rocked her, this week when we went back, she was gone, died. Just like that. Yet, in this place, in this town, this continent, in this world, where there is death and pain, there is also life. LIFE.

Life is what we hope for, what we work for, sacrifice for. Life that is abundant.

We keep moving forward in a fight for one life, in a fight for our own lives. The innocent feel every pin prick and whip alike. Entering into this battle, all of it, is fully living! We fight for her, as a symbol of the fight for the rest. To give a voice to the weak, to be arms that uphold the powerless, to set prisoners free. Pray this over our baby, over her father and her family.
But she is our own, not so impersonal as the masses, the statistics, and this is something we have never before felt, the personal pain of fear of loss at a very real level. Our Sparrow, who finds a home near you Lord. When she/we walk through the valley of suffering, she/we make it a place of springs, she/we go from strength to strength. (para psalm 84).

While our hearts felt for a moment that they had hit a wall, that everything was taken from us, we found comfort in knowing that He binds up those he wounds, and his hands heal what has been shattered. (Job 5:18, Hosea 6:1-3) And we walk again in faith. As Abraham believed God, that he would be a father of many (many, many, and more), so do we believe God for our family (and not a small one) even before we have one.

You have been such a part of this journey, and therefore are part of the struggle, and the victory, what ever that may mean. You fight on behalf of the ones who cannot speak for themselves. Bless you.