Thursday, July 26, 2012


mark 5:36
"but Jesus over heard them and said to Jairus, "Don't be afriaid. Just have faith."

Jairus daughter was already dead when Jesus spoke these words to him.
again we turn to Jesus, to be our comfort, to tell us to not be afraid.
we turn to him to tell us - so gently - to have faith
we turn to HIm and believe Him.

we are needing paper work to be completed by our social worker to submit to the court for a court date to finalize the adoption. the date we are praying for is September 28 - 3 months from the date on a notice we have from Social Welfare.
we are in a place of pleading again, with Jesus, who holds our lives in His hands.

We remember - 

He is a God who shows us miracles,
whom we have seen, not just heard of.
He gives us His good gifts
and over flows His blessings on us.

we speak from experience.
all this we have in the physical form in our baby girl.
she is a miracle
through her and the process of bringing her home we have seen God
She is our amazingly good gift
she is our blessing

So when fear overwhelms us, we look at her and remember, and see, and feel Gods goodness to us.

Do not be afraid, just have faith.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

blog about adoption

I needed a place to record my thoughts. So I chose this platform. This blog. It has always been intended to be about our journey into the world of adoption.  Parenting our soon to be officially adopted daughter, the road we have traveled to get to this place. This space also gets filled with what life is like living in our adopted daughters country of birth, and all the chaos and joys that go along with that.

So if I actually did as I set out to do, I wouldn’t go 6 weeks between posts, in fact I would try to post at least once a week! The three things mentioned about could fill space everyday in my blogging world, but time…

What this blog has never been is a documentation of the work we do here in Zambia, apart from parenting and adoption. But sometimes that gets spilled out into this blog because sometimes those things are interconnected – like in my last post when I wrote about not coming back to Zambia. But, we do have an email update that gives the details of the work going on here. So I would love to put out there, for all 4 of you who actually read this blog, that if you want more details about our family’s hands on work, and our faith journey in what He is calling us to (which is ever growing and morphing) go to our website and subscribe to our email list, or email/FB message me directly and I will add you.
This email we send out is much more informative to Love’s Door and All Nations work that is going on here in Zambia and how we are personally involved. So I apologize if this has been your only source of information and you craved more, [I know our life is extremely exciting and not at all mundane – insert sarcastic laugh].
       Well, sometimes the parts we tell you may seem glamorous... but 95% of the time (a part from the precious times of prayer and worship) we run errands, and buy supplies, call mechanics and electricians, pay the taxes, write receipts, count money, avoid crazy drivers, buy airtime, get vehicles licensed, pay workers, sort out problems, sit in meetings, write emails – and blogs. All extremely missionary things to do. But not really exciting to talk about. 

But if you want to hear the sometimes exciting stuff the other 5% – like seeing one boy who we have all [our entire team] poured into for over two years now, begin to really desire to learn English and more about Jesus – then that is the exciting 5% we talk about in that mass email. But won’t be shared here, on this blog where I usually spill my frustrations and joys about becoming a mother, and living in a foreign place with said adorable daughter, and my ruggedly hansom husband.

So now that that is clarified. Remember not to take this blog as the end all for our life. But do take it as a platform for me to process my feelings and revelations in this syrupy sweet life I am really blessed to live. Seriously.

That is my declaration to blog more. Because it helps me. I enjoy it and maybe someone in cyber world who isn’t intimately close enough to me to be on our emailing list, might stumble upon it and think, “Wow, God’s heart really is for the orphan. But obviously not without struggle.” – And when that person sees honestly and real-ness. They might also see more of God’s heart for themselves as an adopted son or daughter, and for the physically orphaned in the world. Or they might decide that I am crazy for doing what we are doing!  – the jury is still out on that one anyway, so I am not too worried if they think that. Sometimes I might just agree with them!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Standing Still... still standing

have we been standing still?

I look at this beautiful baby, this precious daughter of mine and it feels like everything else has come to a stop.
I read blogs - my new hobby -  
i see belly's growing with babies inside 
seasons are changing as summer has come to the Midwest
people getting married
people moving to the country, people moving to the city
family reunions
pool parties
celebrating American holidays

we do have a baby growing - just not in my belly. but it feels surreal with our family and close friends not around to witness it!
the seasons barely change here - we feel like it is groundhogs day -living in perpetual summer!
we have grieved missed wedding
and life changes
and family reunions 
and pool parties.
we end up celebrating nothing because we aren't in America - which means the 4th of July is just a another work day, and Zambian holidays just are not our own.
but our baby... she is changing!
this is her as a two month old! 
(thank you Meagan for this sweet pic)

and here she is as a 13 month old

we have been here, in Africa, 13 months without going back to the U.S. we never imagined it would have been this way. but it has. the longest either of us have ever been out of the country straight.
it has been an amazing 13 months, in so many ways. our life has changed dramatically, as well as our thinking. at times we have felt like we were going to drown; and a week later  like we could fly! our relationship has been at its worst and at its mountain top best. our fears very real, and other times we walk in complete faith.
it is amazing how we have experienced this roller coaster of emotions in just a short 13 months.

through much prayer and lots of processing and wisdom from others, we have decided that we are going to be moving in a different direction. for the next season in our life we will not be returning to Zambia.
We won't actually leave here, realistically, until November. so that will mean we will have been here 18 months without going home. 
if you want to hear our thought process i wrote an email i would love to send to you if you haven't already gotten it.
but until that time we will keep pouring into what God has put in front of us here. more and more lately that is mostly our beautiful daughter (at least for me). 

we are here due to the adoption process being prolonged. 

a new development:

pray please this week, the magistrate, who will be finalizing our adoption, requested to meet Tizri's Grandmother to make sure she understands what adoption means... 

 we believe God has given us this ground, so we are resting in Him in faith. hoping it happens tomorrow, that is if the relatives can get here to meet us and the judge. we will also speak to our social worker tomorrow about specific time frame of when we can complete the adoption here in Zambia. we know the latest it will be is 
Sept. 28. as long as everything goes ok with her grandmother this week.
we are praying sooner...

as we watch your lives via Facebook, Instagram, emails and blogs, we are excited to join in them again, in a more present way.