Thursday, July 19, 2012

blog about adoption

I needed a place to record my thoughts. So I chose this platform. This blog. It has always been intended to be about our journey into the world of adoption.  Parenting our soon to be officially adopted daughter, the road we have traveled to get to this place. This space also gets filled with what life is like living in our adopted daughters country of birth, and all the chaos and joys that go along with that.

So if I actually did as I set out to do, I wouldn’t go 6 weeks between posts, in fact I would try to post at least once a week! The three things mentioned about could fill space everyday in my blogging world, but time…

What this blog has never been is a documentation of the work we do here in Zambia, apart from parenting and adoption. But sometimes that gets spilled out into this blog because sometimes those things are interconnected – like in my last post when I wrote about not coming back to Zambia. But, we do have an email update that gives the details of the work going on here. So I would love to put out there, for all 4 of you who actually read this blog, that if you want more details about our family’s hands on work, and our faith journey in what He is calling us to (which is ever growing and morphing) go to our website and subscribe to our email list, or email/FB message me directly and I will add you.
This email we send out is much more informative to Love’s Door and All Nations work that is going on here in Zambia and how we are personally involved. So I apologize if this has been your only source of information and you craved more, [I know our life is extremely exciting and not at all mundane – insert sarcastic laugh].
       Well, sometimes the parts we tell you may seem glamorous... but 95% of the time (a part from the precious times of prayer and worship) we run errands, and buy supplies, call mechanics and electricians, pay the taxes, write receipts, count money, avoid crazy drivers, buy airtime, get vehicles licensed, pay workers, sort out problems, sit in meetings, write emails – and blogs. All extremely missionary things to do. But not really exciting to talk about. 

But if you want to hear the sometimes exciting stuff the other 5% – like seeing one boy who we have all [our entire team] poured into for over two years now, begin to really desire to learn English and more about Jesus – then that is the exciting 5% we talk about in that mass email. But won’t be shared here, on this blog where I usually spill my frustrations and joys about becoming a mother, and living in a foreign place with said adorable daughter, and my ruggedly hansom husband.

So now that that is clarified. Remember not to take this blog as the end all for our life. But do take it as a platform for me to process my feelings and revelations in this syrupy sweet life I am really blessed to live. Seriously.

That is my declaration to blog more. Because it helps me. I enjoy it and maybe someone in cyber world who isn’t intimately close enough to me to be on our emailing list, might stumble upon it and think, “Wow, God’s heart really is for the orphan. But obviously not without struggle.” – And when that person sees honestly and real-ness. They might also see more of God’s heart for themselves as an adopted son or daughter, and for the physically orphaned in the world. Or they might decide that I am crazy for doing what we are doing!  – the jury is still out on that one anyway, so I am not too worried if they think that. Sometimes I might just agree with them!

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  1. I so enjoy the emails and the blog! Praying for yall!