Thursday, July 26, 2012


mark 5:36
"but Jesus over heard them and said to Jairus, "Don't be afriaid. Just have faith."

Jairus daughter was already dead when Jesus spoke these words to him.
again we turn to Jesus, to be our comfort, to tell us to not be afraid.
we turn to him to tell us - so gently - to have faith
we turn to HIm and believe Him.

we are needing paper work to be completed by our social worker to submit to the court for a court date to finalize the adoption. the date we are praying for is September 28 - 3 months from the date on a notice we have from Social Welfare.
we are in a place of pleading again, with Jesus, who holds our lives in His hands.

We remember - 

He is a God who shows us miracles,
whom we have seen, not just heard of.
He gives us His good gifts
and over flows His blessings on us.

we speak from experience.
all this we have in the physical form in our baby girl.
she is a miracle
through her and the process of bringing her home we have seen God
She is our amazingly good gift
she is our blessing

So when fear overwhelms us, we look at her and remember, and see, and feel Gods goodness to us.

Do not be afraid, just have faith.

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