Sunday, July 15, 2012

Standing Still... still standing

have we been standing still?

I look at this beautiful baby, this precious daughter of mine and it feels like everything else has come to a stop.
I read blogs - my new hobby -  
i see belly's growing with babies inside 
seasons are changing as summer has come to the Midwest
people getting married
people moving to the country, people moving to the city
family reunions
pool parties
celebrating American holidays

we do have a baby growing - just not in my belly. but it feels surreal with our family and close friends not around to witness it!
the seasons barely change here - we feel like it is groundhogs day -living in perpetual summer!
we have grieved missed wedding
and life changes
and family reunions 
and pool parties.
we end up celebrating nothing because we aren't in America - which means the 4th of July is just a another work day, and Zambian holidays just are not our own.
but our baby... she is changing!
this is her as a two month old! 
(thank you Meagan for this sweet pic)

and here she is as a 13 month old

we have been here, in Africa, 13 months without going back to the U.S. we never imagined it would have been this way. but it has. the longest either of us have ever been out of the country straight.
it has been an amazing 13 months, in so many ways. our life has changed dramatically, as well as our thinking. at times we have felt like we were going to drown; and a week later  like we could fly! our relationship has been at its worst and at its mountain top best. our fears very real, and other times we walk in complete faith.
it is amazing how we have experienced this roller coaster of emotions in just a short 13 months.

through much prayer and lots of processing and wisdom from others, we have decided that we are going to be moving in a different direction. for the next season in our life we will not be returning to Zambia.
We won't actually leave here, realistically, until November. so that will mean we will have been here 18 months without going home. 
if you want to hear our thought process i wrote an email i would love to send to you if you haven't already gotten it.
but until that time we will keep pouring into what God has put in front of us here. more and more lately that is mostly our beautiful daughter (at least for me). 

we are here due to the adoption process being prolonged. 

a new development:

pray please this week, the magistrate, who will be finalizing our adoption, requested to meet Tizri's Grandmother to make sure she understands what adoption means... 

 we believe God has given us this ground, so we are resting in Him in faith. hoping it happens tomorrow, that is if the relatives can get here to meet us and the judge. we will also speak to our social worker tomorrow about specific time frame of when we can complete the adoption here in Zambia. we know the latest it will be is 
Sept. 28. as long as everything goes ok with her grandmother this week.
we are praying sooner...

as we watch your lives via Facebook, Instagram, emails and blogs, we are excited to join in them again, in a more present way. 

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  1. She is such a beautiful little girl and parenthood looks so good on your and Jeremiah! Every picture of the two of you is glowing! I will be in prayer for yall!